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southern ideas for the wedding YOU want before you "tie the knot"

Southern Celebrity Weddings

Southern stars know how to throw a wedding and have the money to make it everything they have ever wanted. Whether a celebrity goes all out for their wedding or decides to keep it simple, any southern bride can take details from a celebs wedding to incorporate into their own.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding stood out as one of the most country styled weddings of the year. A southern touch was in every aspect of the country singers’ wedding. They held the wedding of their dreams on a Texas Ranch in a lantern lit barn. Blake wore his jeans and Miranda wore her mother’s wedding dress and custom made cowboy boots. The reception was decorated with deer antler chandeliers that showed Miranda’s and Blake’s true country side.

Carrie Underwood’s wedding to Mike Fisher was a girly fairytale styled wedding. The wedding was held in the south of course, on the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. Carrie wore a lace dress by Monique Lhuillier and had her reception room decked out in pink and sparkles with a lot of pink floral accents.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are two country singers that have kept their marriage together for fifteen years. The two kept their wedding a simple secret, telling the guests that they were attending a baseball game but surprising them with a wedding. Under an oak tree in Tim’s hometown in Louisiana, the country stars tied the knot. Tim wore jeans and a black jacket while Faith went barefoot in a simple white designer dress.

If a bride plans on having a wedding down south, they could take notes from these southern celebs wedding details.Whether they are going barefoot, wearing cowboy boots or heels, country stars know how to show their southern roots with simple details to complete their special day.


Shower Shenanigans

Providing games at a wedding shower can make everything a lot more fun and can also break the ice for guests that might not know each other well. There is a wide range of games that you can come up with, but only a few can make a lasting impression on guests. Of course you want the games to focus on the newly engaged couple, so here are a few games that might interest a shower planner.

Helpful advice and happy wishes are always needed in a new marriage. A good game that can also be a gift for the bride is to have each guest write down advice or wishes for special occasions such as cooking advice for the Thanksgiving turkey or first child advice from a mother or grandmother. Have envelopes with the event written on them so that the bride can open up the advice or wish at the time she needs it the most.

Another variation of an advice game for the bride is to have cards ready as they guest comes in. Have each guest write down the best advice they have ever gotten and then have them all read them aloud. Present a gift to the guest with the best advice according to the bride and have a gag gift ready for the guest with the worst advice.

Wedding showers are essentially about gifts. So why not incorporate the game with the gifts? As the bride opens up each gift, have the guest that brought  the gift write down the first few things the bride says about the gift without the bride knowing. When the gift opening is complete, read back her the quotes as being a description of her wedding night. For example, if the bride opens a gift and says, “Awesome! I love it!” then the bride will love her wedding night. This game could get very interesting.

Make sure all of your games are fitting to the guests attending the shower and have something everyone can enjoy. Keep these thoughtful and funny ideas in mind when planning and have a shower that the bride and guests will remember.

Wedding Traditions

In the south we like to follow traditions, superstitions, and good luck sayings at weddings. The most popular saying would be “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”, to which each “something” refers to a good luck token for a bride to carry on her wedding day. But what is the true meaning behind each item and how could you incorporate this good luck saying into your southern wedding.

Old: This is meant symbolize continuity with your marriage It represents family and the past. You could use a family jewelry or handkerchief. If you have had a family member pass they could be remembered in the wedding by a small picture of them or a swatch of their old clothes sewed into the inside of the dress.

New: Something new symbolizes optimism in the success and hopes in the new marriage. The new item is usually the wedding dress but can be anything new that the bride has such as flowers or jewelry.

 Borrowed: This item is used to symbolize that friends and family will always be there if the married couple ever needed anything. The borrowed item usually comes from a happily married friend or family member whose good fortune is supposed to carry over to the new marriage.

Blue: In ancient times this was a symbol of faithfulness purity and loyalty. A cute modern way to incorporate blue into you wedding day is to wear blue shoes or write on the bottom of your wedding shoes in blue.

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Wedding Registration Tips

Of course the best gift you will get for your wedding is love to last a life-time. Along with new married life comes new gifts.  If you choose to register for gifts the right way, you can get the best outcome  possible with just a few simple tips.

Wedding gift registration is something that should be done soon after the engagement. Don’t wait too long to register because wedding showers will come sooner than later  due to the initial excitement the new engagement.

It is important to remember to choose more than one location to register. If you register at a store that you absolutely love in your town you should of course register there, but think about your out of town guests that shouldn’t have to make a trip. Pick another department store that anyone can have access too. Online registration is also a good idea because then all of the guests can have access to your wish list.

Think about your guest list. Make sure that when registering, to vary your prices and items. Some of the older, wealthier guests are going to want to buy the traditional and expensive china setting. However, some of the younger guests may want to spring for a blender to enhance future parties to which they may be attending. Gift cards to specific places are always a great gift to add onto your registry so that guests can pick the price of their gift.

Don’t forget to show your gratitude and appreciation for not only the gift, but also for your guest’s attendance and sharing in your special day.  In addition to cute favor ideas, send out thank you cards letting the guests know how much you are thankful for them and how you plan on using-or have already used the gift they gave you.

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Favorably Southern

“Southern Hospitality” applies to every part of a southerner’s life, even though it is someone’s day for it to be “all about them” it is polite to give back to the people who took time to enjoy the special day with you. These little favors don’t even require very much money or effort.

Themed Favors: Your wedding favors can also tie into the theme of your wedding, say your wedding takes place in the fall; you could give away mini pumpkins, fall scented candles or apple cider in a mini mason jar.

Spread the love: Edible wedding favors are something a guest can instantly enjoy. You could choose spreads such as honey or jam, or mini sweets like cookies or cupcakes.

Grow the love: Plant seeds, mini plants, and flowers are gifts that keep on giving.

Listen to love: Giving away a soundtrack of your wedding would be something fun for guests to jam to on the ride back home from the wedding. Make the mix of songs a wide range or genres, with upbeat and and slow songs to fit every guests taste.

Packaging the love:  Don’t just throw your wedding favors in a plastic bag and hand them out. How you package or display your little gifts to your guests can also add to the decor of your reception. Have a decorated favor table towards the exit of the reception with a sign thanking your guests for coming and to take a favor. Package with decorated jars and boxes complimented with ribbon and cute tags written on with the date of your wedding or cute love sayings.

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Always remember to keep “Southern Hospitality” in mind and give back to the people that took time to come a celebrated the special wedding day.

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Fun Ways To Budget Your Wedding

When it comes to paying for a wedding, prices can add up between the venue, flowers, catering and all the other little things that go into the special day. If you are worried about your pocketbook then there are a few simple things you can do to lower the cost of the wedding while also making saving fun.

First, it is always a good idea to do all the little decorations yourself. You will be suprised by how much money you can save just by making your own centerpieces and other DIY projects. If you aren’t crafty and can’t think of any cute DIY ideas, explore sites such as Pintrest and find cute ideas that fit your taste. Also, you could invite your more creative friends and have a craft party with music and finger foods where your craftier friends can help decorate for the wedding. Don’t forget to purchase some mason jars, because a few of these can go a long way in a DIY southern wedding.

Another idea is to go digital with your wedding “save the date” cards. Instead of mailing invitations to your guests, save postage by emailing the “save the date” cards as a digital card or video. The video could be a story of your romance or even the proposal and give your guests a keepsake as well. This would turn what is supposed to be a little peice of paper into something that will last forever while saving money.

Although it would be nice to say “money is no object,” these ideas to save money for your wedding are actually fun and make everything on your special day that much more personal to you and your fiance.  Whether it’s a crafting party or a personalized wedding invite video, saving money can never be a bad idea.

Wedding Reception Menus

Wedding Reception Food Tips:

Wedding receptions are filled with dancing, music and most importantly food. Choosing the menu of your reception can set the mood for the rest of the night of fun and dancing. It is important to keep in mind two things when picking entrees for the menu. First, have options for everyone and second, make sure that the menu shows your guests your personal preferences and tastes.

It can be difficult to have options on the menu for everyone and still have entrees that you love. For example, say you come from a Greek family that loves lamb, and your fiances family is Jewish, you need to find a way to have something for all guests. One way to set these two apart is to have a cocktail hour before the actual dinner with finger foods that you love, such as sushi, or mini crab cakes and then for the main menu keep the menu safe with options for everyone.

Safe choices for a menu would be a vegetarian choice such as soup and salad or veggie kabobs, chicken, and maybe a seafood or steak option. For the side dish you could choose baked or mashed potatoes, veggies or rice depending on the entree.

It’s important to know the quality of the food being served and how to serve the meal. If you choose to use a caterer or restaurant, you do not want your guests to eat bad chicken or steak, so make sure you taste test and know what it all tastes like beforehand. Also, figure out if you want to do a buffet serving style or sit down. A buffet style is definitely for a more casual, smaller wedding. If you have invited a large group to the reception it is better to have a sit down served meal to keep it organized.

Back to the Roots:

For a southern wedding you need food to show guests your southern roots. When people think southern, they think fried chicken, barbecue, and bourbon glazes and marinades. One way to give your vegetarian  guests a taste of the south would be to have bourbon glazed vegetables with a sweet potato as a side dish. Also, you could choose fried green tomatoes as an option for a side dish and serve sweet tea in a mason jar to top it off.

Bridal Shower

One of the most exciting parts about getting married is the bridal shower. Even though showers are considered a girly thing, the groom can be showered too with tools and stock the bar parties. The bride or groom usually rely on the maid of honor, or best man to set up the shower, so they can sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding presents. A lot of people choose to have more than one bridal shower for different groups of people. For example one shower could be for family and family friends another for your close friends ect.

There are many cute ways to personalize a bridal shower. First, think about a theme, whether it’s as simple as a color theme or if you want to do an all around shower theme such as, southern.  Another fun theme for a shower is an “around the clock” party, where each guest gets a certain time of day and has to buy a present that goes with the time, such as, 6 a.m.- coffee pot.

Depending on the budget and theme you can choose to have your shower at a vendor such as, winery, furnished barn, or restaurant or to save money you could decorate to your own needs.

Cute finger foods and desserts always catch a guests attention at a party so don’t just go out and buy a party platter from WalMart. Put effort into the menu of the shower and find unique ways to showcase your food or desserts with table settings. Also, tie the colors and kinds of food into the theme of the wedding.

Classy color theme:

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Decorating your own home with lanterns and tissue paper can make all the difference to a shower.

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A cute way to set up a dessert table for a pink girly themed shower:

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Modern vs. Traditional Wedding Cakes

 In every wedding album you might find the one picture of the bride and groom stuffing each other’s face with cake. The cake in your parent’s wedding album was probably a very traditional white tiered cake with icing flowers and the plastic bride and groom at the top. These classic cakes are beautiful and most likely delicious but to set your wedding apart, put your own twist onto your wedding’s cake.

Modern wedding cakes feature color and different shapes and designs. Instead of the round circular and tiered cakes, people may choose a more sleek modern square tiered cake. Rather than choosing the traditional white for the cake, modern cakes feature a splash of color in the cake or in a funky design.

Also, in the modern wedding the bride and groom might decide to have their own separate cakes to show each one of their personalities. Say a bride likes chocolate but the groom likes vanilla, these separate cakes can solve the taste test. A groom’s cake might show their own interests in their cake, for example a cake with their favorite sports team or hobby shown on them. The bride then can design their cake as girlie or as much to her taste as possible.

Brides modern cake:

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Groom’s cake for the Groom’s interest and hobbies:


Another popular modern idea to use instead of the traditional cake is to use cupcakes. Cupcakes can be showcased perfectly at the wedding just by placing them in a tiered stand. If the bride and groom can’t decide on the flavor of cake, they can use this modern cupcake idea and have a cupcake stand for each of their favorite flavors.

Every wedding has its own personality, if your wedding is traditional but with a modern twist then use these modern cake ideas and combine them into a traditional cake. Always remember to make your wedding personal and set your wedding cake apart from all of the rest.

Traditional cake with modern twist:

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Cupcake tiers:


            Pictures:  .php?/theplan/entry/eight_great_wedding_cake_designs/

The Wonders of a Mason Jar: Southern DIY Wedding

In the south, we use Mason jars to store our homemade spreads. The contents of a Mason jar always bring us back home to our momma’s cooking. These handy jars can be used for more than just keeping jam fresh. As a bride,  you can bring a southern touch to your wedding by making a decoration out of a Mason Jar.

You can find any Mason jar brand at your local Wal-Mart, they come in all different sizes and are packaged with multiple jars. For my first demonstration, I chose the pint sized jars. In the first decoration, I used tea light candles and floated them with water inside the Mason jar. Top off the decoration with a piece of hay tied in a bow around the rim of the jar. This makes for a southern simple decoration to go on the tables of a reception.

In the second decoration, I used the Mason jar as a flower pot. My decoration was simple but you could pick the color and flower to fit your wedding.  Another cute idea to add some color to the Mason jar is to stick colored tissue paper around the jar and put a candle inside A bride could also place lace around the mason jar to give it a vintage feel.

Another way to incorporate Mason jars into a southern wedding is to serve guests their drinks in the jar along with a cute striped straw. Mason Jars are a perfect item to use in a DIY wedding and are great for saving money while still making your wedding classic and southern.