The Wonders of a Mason Jar: Southern DIY Wedding

by SueKafoglisEvents

In the south, we use Mason jars to store our homemade spreads. The contents of a Mason jar always bring us back home to our momma’s cooking. These handy jars can be used for more than just keeping jam fresh. As a bride,  you can bring a southern touch to your wedding by making a decoration out of a Mason Jar.

You can find any Mason jar brand at your local Wal-Mart, they come in all different sizes and are packaged with multiple jars. For my first demonstration, I chose the pint sized jars. In the first decoration, I used tea light candles and floated them with water inside the Mason jar. Top off the decoration with a piece of hay tied in a bow around the rim of the jar. This makes for a southern simple decoration to go on the tables of a reception.

In the second decoration, I used the Mason jar as a flower pot. My decoration was simple but you could pick the color and flower to fit your wedding.  Another cute idea to add some color to the Mason jar is to stick colored tissue paper around the jar and put a candle inside A bride could also place lace around the mason jar to give it a vintage feel.

Another way to incorporate Mason jars into a southern wedding is to serve guests their drinks in the jar along with a cute striped straw. Mason Jars are a perfect item to use in a DIY wedding and are great for saving money while still making your wedding classic and southern.