Modern vs. Traditional Wedding Cakes

by SueKafoglisEvents

 In every wedding album you might find the one picture of the bride and groom stuffing each other’s face with cake. The cake in your parent’s wedding album was probably a very traditional white tiered cake with icing flowers and the plastic bride and groom at the top. These classic cakes are beautiful and most likely delicious but to set your wedding apart, put your own twist onto your wedding’s cake.

Modern wedding cakes feature color and different shapes and designs. Instead of the round circular and tiered cakes, people may choose a more sleek modern square tiered cake. Rather than choosing the traditional white for the cake, modern cakes feature a splash of color in the cake or in a funky design.

Also, in the modern wedding the bride and groom might decide to have their own separate cakes to show each one of their personalities. Say a bride likes chocolate but the groom likes vanilla, these separate cakes can solve the taste test. A groom’s cake might show their own interests in their cake, for example a cake with their favorite sports team or hobby shown on them. The bride then can design their cake as girlie or as much to her taste as possible.

Brides modern cake:

Pinned Image

Groom’s cake for the Groom’s interest and hobbies:


Another popular modern idea to use instead of the traditional cake is to use cupcakes. Cupcakes can be showcased perfectly at the wedding just by placing them in a tiered stand. If the bride and groom can’t decide on the flavor of cake, they can use this modern cupcake idea and have a cupcake stand for each of their favorite flavors.

Every wedding has its own personality, if your wedding is traditional but with a modern twist then use these modern cake ideas and combine them into a traditional cake. Always remember to make your wedding personal and set your wedding cake apart from all of the rest.

Traditional cake with modern twist:

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Cupcake tiers:


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