Bridal Shower

by SueKafoglisEvents

One of the most exciting parts about getting married is the bridal shower. Even though showers are considered a girly thing, the groom can be showered too with tools and stock the bar parties. The bride or groom usually rely on the maid of honor, or best man to set up the shower, so they can sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding presents. A lot of people choose to have more than one bridal shower for different groups of people. For example one shower could be for family and family friends another for your close friends ect.

There are many cute ways to personalize a bridal shower. First, think about a theme, whether it’s as simple as a color theme or if you want to do an all around shower theme such as, southern.  Another fun theme for a shower is an “around the clock” party, where each guest gets a certain time of day and has to buy a present that goes with the time, such as, 6 a.m.- coffee pot.

Depending on the budget and theme you can choose to have your shower at a vendor such as, winery, furnished barn, or restaurant or to save money you could decorate to your own needs.

Cute finger foods and desserts always catch a guests attention at a party so don’t just go out and buy a party platter from WalMart. Put effort into the menu of the shower and find unique ways to showcase your food or desserts with table settings. Also, tie the colors and kinds of food into the theme of the wedding.

Classy color theme:

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Decorating your own home with lanterns and tissue paper can make all the difference to a shower.

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A cute way to set up a dessert table for a pink girly themed shower:

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