Fun Ways To Budget Your Wedding

by SueKafoglisEvents

When it comes to paying for a wedding, prices can add up between the venue, flowers, catering and all the other little things that go into the special day. If you are worried about your pocketbook then there are a few simple things you can do to lower the cost of the wedding while also making saving fun.

First, it is always a good idea to do all the little decorations yourself. You will be suprised by how much money you can save just by making your own centerpieces and other DIY projects. If you aren’t crafty and can’t think of any cute DIY ideas, explore sites such as Pintrest and find cute ideas that fit your taste. Also, you could invite your more creative friends and have a craft party with music and finger foods where your craftier friends can help decorate for the wedding. Don’t forget to purchase some mason jars, because a few of these can go a long way in a DIY southern wedding.

Another idea is to go digital with your wedding “save the date” cards. Instead of mailing invitations to your guests, save postage by emailing the “save the date” cards as a digital card or video. The video could be a story of your romance or even the proposal and give your guests a keepsake as well. This would turn what is supposed to be a little peice of paper into something that will last forever while saving money.

Although it would be nice to say “money is no object,” these ideas to save money for your wedding are actually fun and make everything on your special day that much more personal to you and your fiance.  Whether it’s a crafting party or a personalized wedding invite video, saving money can never be a bad idea.