Favorably Southern

by SueKafoglisEvents

“Southern Hospitality” applies to every part of a southerner’s life, even though it is someone’s day for it to be “all about them” it is polite to give back to the people who took time to enjoy the special day with you. These little favors don’t even require very much money or effort.

Themed Favors: Your wedding favors can also tie into the theme of your wedding, say your wedding takes place in the fall; you could give away mini pumpkins, fall scented candles or apple cider in a mini mason jar.

Spread the love: Edible wedding favors are something a guest can instantly enjoy. You could choose spreads such as honey or jam, or mini sweets like cookies or cupcakes.

Grow the love: Plant seeds, mini plants, and flowers are gifts that keep on giving.

Listen to love: Giving away a soundtrack of your wedding would be something fun for guests to jam to on the ride back home from the wedding. Make the mix of songs a wide range or genres, with upbeat and and slow songs to fit every guests taste.

Packaging the love:  Don’t just throw your wedding favors in a plastic bag and hand them out. How you package or display your little gifts to your guests can also add to the decor of your reception. Have a decorated favor table towards the exit of the reception with a sign thanking your guests for coming and to take a favor. Package with decorated jars and boxes complimented with ribbon and cute tags written on with the date of your wedding or cute love sayings.

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Always remember to keep “Southern Hospitality” in mind and give back to the people that took time to come a celebrated the special wedding day.

Pictures: Sloan Photography