Wedding Registration Tips

by SueKafoglisEvents

Of course the best gift you will get for your wedding is love to last a life-time. Along with new married life comes new gifts.  If you choose to register for gifts the right way, you can get the best outcome  possible with just a few simple tips.

Wedding gift registration is something that should be done soon after the engagement. Don’t wait too long to register because wedding showers will come sooner than later  due to the initial excitement the new engagement.

It is important to remember to choose more than one location to register. If you register at a store that you absolutely love in your town you should of course register there, but think about your out of town guests that shouldn’t have to make a trip. Pick another department store that anyone can have access too. Online registration is also a good idea because then all of the guests can have access to your wish list.

Think about your guest list. Make sure that when registering, to vary your prices and items. Some of the older, wealthier guests are going to want to buy the traditional and expensive china setting. However, some of the younger guests may want to spring for a blender to enhance future parties to which they may be attending. Gift cards to specific places are always a great gift to add onto your registry so that guests can pick the price of their gift.

Don’t forget to show your gratitude and appreciation for not only the gift, but also for your guest’s attendance and sharing in your special day.  In addition to cute favor ideas, send out thank you cards letting the guests know how much you are thankful for them and how you plan on using-or have already used the gift they gave you.

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