Wedding Traditions

by SueKafoglisEvents

In the south we like to follow traditions, superstitions, and good luck sayings at weddings. The most popular saying would be “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue”, to which each “something” refers to a good luck token for a bride to carry on her wedding day. But what is the true meaning behind each item and how could you incorporate this good luck saying into your southern wedding.

Old: This is meant symbolize continuity with your marriage It represents family and the past. You could use a family jewelry or handkerchief. If you have had a family member pass they could be remembered in the wedding by a small picture of them or a swatch of their old clothes sewed into the inside of the dress.

New: Something new symbolizes optimism in the success and hopes in the new marriage. The new item is usually the wedding dress but can be anything new that the bride has such as flowers or jewelry.

 Borrowed: This item is used to symbolize that friends and family will always be there if the married couple ever needed anything. The borrowed item usually comes from a happily married friend or family member whose good fortune is supposed to carry over to the new marriage.

Blue: In ancient times this was a symbol of faithfulness purity and loyalty. A cute modern way to incorporate blue into you wedding day is to wear blue shoes or write on the bottom of your wedding shoes in blue.

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