Shower Shenanigans

by SueKafoglisEvents

Providing games at a wedding shower can make everything a lot more fun and can also break the ice for guests that might not know each other well. There is a wide range of games that you can come up with, but only a few can make a lasting impression on guests. Of course you want the games to focus on the newly engaged couple, so here are a few games that might interest a shower planner.

Helpful advice and happy wishes are always needed in a new marriage. A good game that can also be a gift for the bride is to have each guest write down advice or wishes for special occasions such as cooking advice for the Thanksgiving turkey or first child advice from a mother or grandmother. Have envelopes with the event written on them so that the bride can open up the advice or wish at the time she needs it the most.

Another variation of an advice game for the bride is to have cards ready as they guest comes in. Have each guest write down the best advice they have ever gotten and then have them all read them aloud. Present a gift to the guest with the best advice according to the bride and have a gag gift ready for the guest with the worst advice.

Wedding showers are essentially about gifts. So why not incorporate the game with the gifts? As the bride opens up each gift, have the guest that brought  the gift write down the first few things the bride says about the gift without the bride knowing. When the gift opening is complete, read back her the quotes as being a description of her wedding night. For example, if the bride opens a gift and says, “Awesome! I love it!” then the bride will love her wedding night. This game could get very interesting.

Make sure all of your games are fitting to the guests attending the shower and have something everyone can enjoy. Keep these thoughtful and funny ideas in mind when planning and have a shower that the bride and guests will remember.