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southern ideas for the wedding YOU want before you "tie the knot"

Save the Date

As a country girl, I believe it is always good southern hospitality to send out Save the Date reminders before the invitations. Save the Date reminders can be creative and personal with a thematic flare. Similar to an invitation, a Save the Date will not only show when and where  a wedding will take place, but can set the mood for the entire event. The Save the Date card is a guest’s first impression of a wedding.  

The most unique and personal Save the Date cards are ones that feature the bride and groom in a sweet southern locale.  To set  the photos apart from others, use props to set the mood.  The date can be handwritten on chalkboards or bride and groom held ribbon stringed with the wedding date.

Choose what type of Save the Date card to send. Think about cards or invitations you have recieved in the past. Ask yourself what qualities made those reminders memorable. Save the dates can be keepsakes like magnets or photobooth pictures, or even shaped like mason jars to add a southern kick.  Make the guest want to keep this Save the Date on the fridge and not on the bottom of a trash can. 

These simple ideas for the Save the Date card can excite your guests and leave and important first impression for your special day. 

Find other unique ideas for Save the Date cards at this website:



Say “Aisle Do” to the Venue

Coming from the South, I have seen southern country weddings done right and I’ve seen them done horribly wrong. First off, do not think this is a hillbilly “how to” for weddings, I believe in classic country, vintage, and timeless weddings that will be remembered forever.

When beginning to plan your wedding, you usually start off with picking out the venue for the ceremony and reception. Just begin by asking yourself a few questions. Big or small? Indoor or outdoor?  Many southern weddings take place in a church but for those who want to be different there are a lot of country cute ideas for your venue.

Outdoor weddings are a staple to southern style. When you think of outside, dont think about the typical backyard wedding. The perfect southern style wedding would be a magical wooded area, a field of wide open spaces or a string lit barn. With these simple venues is where you can get creative with how you decorate and personalize where you will walk down the aisle.  An outdoor or barn wedding is like giving you a blank canvas, you can turn the venue into what fits your personality.

Even though outdoor weddings are more laid-back than others here are a few tips to make sure the event goes off without a hitch!

  • Have cute matching umbrellas ready. Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor plan, umbrellas can make for cute pictures on a rainy wedding day.
  • Rent  a tent, tables, and chairs as soon as possible. Make sure you confirm your rental date to make sure you get the best for your buck.
  • Reminder: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Your venue matters, spend plenty of time planning out what you need and want out of a venue and don’t rush into settling for something you cannot get out of.

All you need is somthing borrowed, something blue, something SOUTHERN, and love for two.